International Stage

2017 International Stage Performers (Corner of Ames Street & Main Street):

List of Performers

House Selector, DJ SMOOV

  • 12:00 – 12:30 PM   DJ SMOOV
  • 12:30 – 12:50 PM   Kyle Bent (Hip Hop)
  • 1:00  – 1:30 PM      Boston Rhythm Riders (Step Dancers)
  • 1: 30 – 2:30 PM      Panchan Band (Garifuna)
  • 2:30 – 2:45            Guest Featured Performer – Denyse Renee
  • 2:45 – 3:00 PM       Guest Featured Performers – Hip Hop Transformation
  • 3:15 – 4:15 PM       Somba Lolo Band (African Roots)
  • 4:15 – 4:45 PM       DJ NomadiK –  Guest Featured DJ
  • 5:00 – 6:00 PM       Riddim Symphony Band (Soca)
  • 6:00 – 6:30 PM       DJ SMOOV



Riddim Symphony is a band that was created in fall of 2016 by Berklee College of Music students who hail from various parts of the West Indies.  They specialize in Soca, Calypso, and Reggae.Over the past year, they have been performing at various universities, sharing their love for their culture as well as cultivating the carnival spirit everywhere they go. They have had the privilege to even open for Konshens at Northeastern University this past spring! Since then they have performed for  fashions shows like Boston Caribbean Fashion week and a fashion show held for Boston Carnival.


Honduran Garifuna Spanish Reggae & Urban Artist–Julio Lacayo Aka Panchan is a two time award winner from the Garifuna Music Awards 2017 and 2016 and received award from the Fuzro Music and Fashion Awards in 2013 for the strongest Garifuna Urban music and videos. Check out videos below.


Panchan brings his rich culture and award winning dynamic music to stage, tantalizing the audience. Panchan definitely knows how to capture the crowd and uses a variety of Styles. Beats and Vocal tones to keep the audience pumped and going.Recognized as a hit artist in his country and now in the USA, he always in the top ten of the underground charts. He has expanded his horizons with continually raising the number of his following and fan base and currently working to enhance and develop his online profile with new photos and exciting news.

Having performed at clubs, socials and festivals in the NY area he was recently honored with an award at the Garifuna Music Awards in April 2017 for Recognition of Best Garifuna Urban Artist….

Panchan is a two time award winner from the Garifuna Music Awards 2017 and 2016 and received award from the Fuzro Music and Fashion Awards in 2013 for the strongest Garifuna Urban music and videos. Panchan was particularly drawn to this style of music, identifying with it because it spoke of the plight of his people. His passionate songs and sexy dance put him in demand and led him to performances in New Orleans and Texas and many other notable performances. Some recent performances included 2017 Vincy Days USA & the Philadelphia Caribbean Festival.His first hit song Tus Ojos Ne Mienten brought him major recognition and other notable songs to name just a couple included Stereo Palmera and Tu Tas Rica.

Julio Lacayo, Singer-songwriter, is best known in the art world as “Panchán“, was discovered by the legendary “Don Remo” and Panchan continues to surprise the world with his diverse range of musical styles.”Panchan”, a singer and composer of his original lyrics was born in the beautiful coastal town of La Ceiba, Atlántida Honduras. As a child he knew that he was passionate about the musical world and at the age of 16 years old he began with ease to write, and dreamt of becoming a performer. Panchan had the great opportunity to work with great artists like Shabakan and several others, where they recorded “Como Lo Menea” and his journey has continued resulting in awards and national performances.



KYLE BENT (Hip-Hip Recording Artist)

Kyle is a well-known artist from the MA area and is of Jamaican descent. Over the past year, Kyle has toured the U.S. nationally on two occasions and has performed at events such as the Boston Music Awards and First Night Boston for New Year’s Eve of 2016. His style can best be described as a mix between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, with a more Caribbean tone and a content focus on the promotion of positivity and higher consciousness.

DJ Smoov is one of Boston’s highly sought after, premiere and
versatile DJ’s with over 10 years of experience. There is no doubt
when you enter a SmoovNetwork party you will leave BLOWN AWAY! DJ
Smoov is known for his energy, smooth blends, seamless mixes and
overall ability to give the crowd EXACTLY what they came for. He is
not only the man behind the turn tables, he is the man in the middle
of the dance floor making sure his audience is well entertained. His
efforts have brought him countless opportunities to exhibit his
talents across the United States as well as internationally.From birthday parties, weddings, school events, concerts, clubs,
upscale galas, and corporate events DJ Smoov makes sure to create a
FLAWLESS night for his clients. DJ Smoov has joined forces on many
occasions with well-known artists whether it was opening a concert,
creating a track or providing sound reinforcement. He is also the man
behind Boston’s FIRST EVER Haitian Masquerade Camp, where he made sure
that an audience of over 500,000 people saw and felt the Haitian
Culture as the truck/float made its way down the parade route for
several years. Along with his extensive list of hosted events, DJ
Smoov still manages to put out a variety of mix tapes for your
personal listening pleasure.What makes DJ Smoov stand out among all other DJ’s is that DJ Smoov
has a couple of degrees in Audio Technology. Not only does he have an
extensive educational background in Audio and musical culture, Dj
Smoov is also a respected college professor. There so much more to
being a DJ than playing music. When Dj Smoov a.ka. The “The DJ
Professor” is on the tables he gives his audience an experience that
they will never forget.


Nomadik got her start as a DJ w/the Jazz Oasis show on WERS 88.9fm (Emerson College), She moved on to hiphop/reggae/soul shows from 2000-2004. following WERS, she spent 8 years as a DJ on WMBR (MIT) She has continued to broaden her DJing experience in various venues throughout the Greater Boston area, including private parties and occupying residencies at ZuZu in Cambridge, the Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, Cambridge Caribbean Carnival, Berklee College and Now at Jerk Fest in Boston to name a few. In addition to her DJing, Nomadik organizes, promotes, manages artists, & “Provides quality entertainment” for the Boston area & beyond. She has been creating shows & events on an on-going basis since 2001. The first party (just 2 weeks after 9-11 tragedy) sold out within the 1st hour at the original House of Blues (now on Landsdowne St.) Since then, she has gone on to produce various forms of cultural entertainment. DJ Nomadik was featured in Boston’s Weekly Dig Magazine as one of Boston’s core DJs (July 2007). Also in 2007, She won Best Promoter of the year at Boston’s M.I.C. awards. Additionally, Nomadik’s open mic event at Milky way won the “Dig this Awards 2007” BEST club night – Nomadik won 2009 Urban music award for best female DJ and was nominated Best DJ for the Boston fab awards 2015.


SOMBA LOLO (African Roots Band)
Singing in Bambara and Manding, Boubacar Diabate and Samba Lolo create a performance that spans the full spectrum of Traditional to Contemporary Malian music from West Africa combined with Blues, Jazz, Reggae and Bluegrass – Bouba sings of our common shared experience of love, life and humanity, giving all an opportunity to hear the age-old West African tradition of Griot storytelling through song.
Denyse Renee
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